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Competence in green. Production Perennials Flower Bulbs & Tubers FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING Professional Flower Bulb Catalogue SPRING 2023 Dahlias · Gladiolus · Lilies · Specialities · Mixtures FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING 64 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING POMPON DAHLIAS GLADIOLUS LILIES POT DAHLIAS CONTENT SPRING RANGE Pot Dahlias 3-4 Pot Dahlias Gallery Series 5 Pot Dahlias Low Growing 6-7 Pot Dahlias Medium-tall 8 Pot Dahlias Large-flowered 9 Pot Dahlias Dark-leaved Cut Dahlias 10 Cut Dahlias Pompon-shaped 11-12 Cut Dahlias Ball-shaped 13-14 Cut Dahlias Water Lily Type 15-16 Cut Dahlias Decorative Type 17 Cut Dahlias Cactus Type 18 Cut Dahlias Karma Series Gladiolus 20-23 Gladiolus for Cutting 24 Gladiolus for Cutting / Direct Marketers Lilies 26 Pot Lilies Asiatic Hybrids 27-28 Cut Lilies Asiatic Hybrids 29 Cut Lilies Asiatic Hybrids for Direct Marketers 30 Cut Lilies Without Pollen 31 Cut Lilies Oriental Hybrids 32 Cut Lilies Oriental Hybrids, Double 32 Cut Lilies Tigrinum Hybrids 33 Cut Lilies Longiflorum Hybrids 33 Cut Lilies Trumpet-shaped Miscellaneous Bulbs 35 Agapanthus African Lily 35 Anemone Crown Anemone 35 Astilbe False Goat’s Beard 36 Begonia Tuberous Begonias 37-38 Canna Lily 39 Crocosmia Montbretia 40 Outdoor Freesias 40 Hosta Plantain Lily 41 Liatris Button Snakewort 41 Ornithogalum Star of Bethlehem 41 Abyssinian Gladiolus 41 Ranunculus Persian Buttercup

1 INTRO Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous Dahlias In the following, we will present our wide range of summer flowering tubers and bulbs. Dahlias, gladiolus, lilies and other specialities have been compiled based on practical experience from the international range of growers. Depending on the climatic region, the non-hardy summer-flowering tubers and bulbs such as dahlias, gladiolus and Ornithogalum can be planted outdoors starting in April. Perennials such as Astilbe, Liatris and Hosta can already be planted in March, as can all lilies. Plants with a longer development period such as begonias and canna lilies should be forced indoors starting in February. Of all these summer bloomers, dahlias are the most rewarding, as they flower from June/July and last until the first night frost in autumn. “Keurmerk Seal” - The sign for the highest quality In addition to our own quality control in the manufacturing process, we are subject to continuous controls from the independent Keurmerk Institute based in Holland. Our flower bulb range meets the high quality requirements of this organisation. Our own Dutch facility in the main flower bulb growing region bears the title “Recognised Keurmerk Company”. Take advantage of this quality guarantee for your customer base. Flower Bulbs for Gardening and Landscaping Kiepenkerl flower bulbs come straight from the largest growing region in the world. Our branch office in Voorhout, Netherlands, with its advanced cooling and drying technology, enables professional preparation, processing and storage of the bulbs. This proficient treatment is a guarantee for top-quality bulbs and tubers. EXPERTISE IN FLOWER BULBS AND TUBERS 2 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING DAHLIAS The original form of today's dahlias comes from Mexico and was already known to the Aztecs in the 14th century. More than 200 years ago the first dahlias arrived in Berlin at the botanical garden there and intensive breeding began. Since that time the dahlia has experienced many ups and downs, but has become very fashionable again in recent years. On the flower island of Mainau, for example, many visitors vote for the dahlia queen of the year. As a perennial organ, the dahlia forms a tuberous root that is even edible. The different flower shapes are the criterion for dividing the dahlias into 15 classes. Several clubs are dedicated to these very popular summer flowers. Dahlias are not hardy and must be dug up after the first autumn frosts and stored frost-free until replanting in April/ May. They require a sunny location, not too heavy soil and plenty of water and fertiliser in the summer. One day before planting, the tubers should be allowed to swell in water, as this promotes rooting and sprouting. Dahlias have many uses: as cut flowers, as container and bedding plants, as flowering privacy screens and not to forget as a nectar supplier for butterflies, bees and many other insects.

3 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A5-10 E10 N O35 D P1 POT DAHLIAS GALLERY SERIES All dahlias in the Gallery series have a few things in common: a compact plant structure, fast growth, rich flowering and decorative flowers. The variety of flower colours leaves nothing to be desired. A cultivation period of 9-10 weeks, depending on the light and warmth, and the wide colour spectrum make them very attractive for cultivation. They are ideal for containers, balconies and bed borders. 788000 Gallery Art Deco® Orange-yellow with red 788010 Gallery Art Fair® White 788020 Gallery Cezanne® Yellow 788030 Gallery Art Nouveau® Purple with light tips 788040 Gallery Cobra® Yellow with orange tips 788120 Gallery Bellini® Pink 788140 Gallery Matisse® Light orange 788150 Gallery Pablo® Apricot-coloured, red edge 788100 Gallery Leonardo® Salmon pink 788170 Gallery Singer® Red 4 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING 788200 Gallery Rembrandt® Pink with light centre 788210 Gallery Renoir® Light purple 788220 Gallery Salvador® Pink with purple 788250 Gallery Vincent® Orange

5 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A6-10 E10 N O40 D P1 POT DAHLIAS LOW GROWING Dwarf dahlias are extremely low growing dahlias, which with a growth height between 35 and 40 cm are ideal summer flowering plants for balconies and borders. They are very willing to bloom and stable. 788560 Berliner Kleene Pink 788640 Blusette Purple-pink 788500 Extase Salmon pink with yellow 6 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A6-10 E10 N D P1 POT DAHLIAS MEDIUM-TALL Medium-tall dahlias with a growth height between 50-70 cm are the classics in the assortment of pot dahlias. The flower shapes are varied: from decorative types to cactus types to the single flowering bee-friendly dahlias. Use in beds and large containers. O70 C 788350 Bishop of Llandaff Red, dark leaves, peony-like O50-60 788320 Ellen Houston Orange-red, brown leaves O50-60 C 788380 Fascination Purple, dark leaves, peony-like O50 788430 Heatwave Fiery red O50-60 788300 Park Princess Pink with white centre O50-60 788360 Red Pygmy Blood red O50-60 788400 Sisa Yellow O70 790046 Deep Impact Apricot, yellow centre O70 790047 Orange Impact Orange, yellow centre O70 792732 Maldini Crimson purple, yellow tips

7 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous O60 788780 Melody Pink Allegro® Pink O50 788790 Melody Allegro® Pink with yellow centre O50 788800 Melody Bolero® Blood red, dark leaves O60 788810 Melody Dora® Yellow with salmon O60 788830 Melody Gipsy® Pink with yellow centre O50 788840 Melody Latin® Yellow O50 788850 Melody Mambo® Dark red O60 788851 Melody Harmony® Light purple with white centre, dark leaves O60 788852 Melody Fanfare® Mauve, dark leaves O50 788860 Melody Swing® Orange O50 788870 Melody Lizza® Purple-pink, light centre 8 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A7-10 E10 N D P1 POT DAHLIAS LARGE-FLOWERED These large-flowered, decorative type of dahlias with a flower diameter of 20 cm and more are particularly suitable for growing in large pots due to their compact growth. The dinner plate sized flowers are real highlights in the pot dahlia range. O110 795230 Babylon Brons Bronze-orange O110 795250 Babylon Lila Purple O110 795290 Babylon Rood Red O90 795340 Fleurel® White O90 795370 Kelvin Floodlight Yellow O100 794083 Mingus Alex Dark red O110 794082 Show n' Tell Red with yellow tips O110 794081 Vassio Meggos Light violet

9 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A6-10 E10 N D P1 C POT DAHLIAS DARK-LEAVED This dahlia series is particularly striking because of its brownish red foliage and the countless flowers, which stand in beautiful contrast to the dark foliage. The single- flowered blooms are an ideal food source for butterflies, bees and bumblebees. Happy Days dahlias are particularly suitable for balconies, containers and bed borders. O40 788261 Happy Days Cherry Red® Cherry red O45 788262 Happy Days Cream White® Cream white O40 788263 Happy Days Lemon® Light yellow O40 788265 Happy Days Pink® Pink with white 10 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A7-10 E10 N F P1 CUT DAHLIAS POMPON-SHAPED Pompon dahlias differ from the ball dahlias by their slightly smaller flower heads, which with pompon dahlias are about 5-7 cm in diameter. The spherical flowers consist of a large number of bag-shaped, densely packed ray florets. Because of their wiry stems they are particularly suitable for cutting. The dahlia bushes are not very wide, but grow almost columnar. O90 790051 Bantling Orange O80 790070 Golden Scepter Golden yellow O80 790151 Franz Kafka Purple-pink O80 790251 Little Robert Purple-pink, purple tips O90 790431 Salsa Orange-red O95 790453 Jan van Schaffelaar Pink O90 790511 Viking Dark wine red O80 795323 White Aster White O90 790301 Natal Dark red

11 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A7-10 E10 N F P1 CUT DAHLIAS BALL-SHAPED Ball dahlias have ball-shaped or slightly flattened flower heads with a diameter of 10 cm or more. The flower is composed of short, bag-shaped ray florets, which stand close together. They are very popular as cut flowers because their durability is tremendous. The plants form slender, medium-tall bushes. O100 790036 Jowey Nina Purple O100 790552 Cornel Scarlet red O80 790571 Checkers Red, white tips O100 790601 Eveline White with hint of purple O110 790652 Golden Torch Yellow O100 790661 Ivanetti Dark crimson O100 790930 Sylvia Dark orange O80 790712 Marble Ball Purple-pink, purple speckles O110 790751 Peter Dark pink O100 790851 Red Cap Red 12 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING O90 790901 Sandra Pink O100 790880 Snow Cap White O100 790501 Sunny Boy Yellow, red-orange centre

13 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A7-10 E10 N F P1 CUT DAHLIAS WATER LILY TYPE The plants of this dahlia group grow moderately high and flower early and abundantly. Their firm, strong stems make them the ideal cut flowers. The flowers are flatter than those of decorative dahlias and are very similar to those of water lilies. The flower diameter is between 12 and 15 cm. O70 791980 El Santo Purple-pink with yellow centre O100 791751 Nagano Scarlet red with white tips O100 791201 Glorie van Heemstde Yellow O110 791301 Onesta Purple-pink, lighter on the outside O120 792309 Mister Frans Salmon pink O110 791090 Bonesta White with pink veins O110 791211 Graceland Orange O90 791982 Loé Fuchsia pink, yellow centre O90 791983 Luka Johanna White-pink O90 791981 Eternal Snow White 14 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING O100 791998 Fiorentina Purple pink, white tips O100 793590 Blue Bell Purple O100 791995 Faith Orange-red

15 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A7-10 E10 N F P1 CUT DAHLIAS DECORATIVE TYPE Decorative dahlias have a large number of broad, flat or only slightly curved ray florets, which stand together like balls. The medium-tall to tall growing dahlia bushes produce flowers with a diameter of 10-15 cm. Decorative dahlias are popular dahlias for cutting. O110 791252 Glorie van Noordwijk Orange O90 794265 Sunlady Yellow O80 794264 Salmon Runner Salmon pink O70 750221 Sebastian Light orange with salmon O80 794261 Pink Magic Light pink, yellowish centre O90 794262 Pink Runner Pink O90 790031 Pasolini Orange, red flamed O85 792304 Milena Fleur Bluish pink O100 792305 Smiling Don Purple with white O100 791120 Lilac Bull Purple 16 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING O80 791994 Red Silence Light red with yellowish centre

17 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous A7-10 E10 N F P1 CUT DAHLIAS CACTUS TYPE Cactus and semi-cactus dahlias belong to the most important group within the cut dahlias. Cactus dahlias have long, tubular, rolled petals, which are quill-like and pointed at the ends. The petals of semi-cactus dahlias are less strongly rolled. The flower diameter is between 12 and 16 cm. The plants are tall growing and the flowers are very rainproof. O110 792151 Kennemerland Yellow O120 792251 My Love White O90 792301 Préférence Salmon pink O100 792451 Chat Noir Black-red O100 792180 Frigoulet Dark red, white tips O100 791970 Ambition Purple O120 792771 Witteman's Best Blood red O120 792220 Gold Crown Golden orange, purple stripes 18 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A7-10 E10 N F P1 CUT DAHLIAS KARMA SERIES The Karma series is a collection of dahlias that have been carefully bred and selected for the same characteristics that make a good cut dahlia. The special quality of the Karma dahlias is shown in the attractive flower colours and shapes, the long straight stems without side shoots and the extremely good durability as a cut flower. O90 793000 Karma Bon Bini® Yellow with red tips O100 793020 Karma Corona® Orange O90 793080 Karma Serena® White O80 793140 Karma Lagoon® Purple O120 793050 Karma Naomi® Dark red O110 793060 Karma Sangria® Yellow with pink tips

19 GLADIOLUS Garden gladiolus are, next to dahlias, the best-known cut flowers of the summer with a high value on the market. They are usually sold through flower shops, market traders or direct marketers for self-cutting. Today's commercial varieties are the result of crosses between African and European wild species. The perennial organ is a flat tuber, which forms over the old tuber every year. An unbranched flower stalk in the form of a spike with bag-shaped flowers pushes out of the sword-shaped leaves. All flower colours are possible except black and brown and the flower edges can be smooth or wavy. Here is a rule of thumb: the larger the tuber, the faster the sprouting. But even smaller tubers produce good qualities if the plants are kept well moist and optimally supplied with fertiliser, as they have a high demand for nutrients. Gladiolus do not tolerate dry periods. Annually changing the cultivation area is a prerequisite for healthy plants. Gladioli develop best in warm locations protected from the wind. They are ready for cutting when the lowest flower shows its colour. 20 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A8-10 E10 N F P10/12 GLADIOLUS FOR CUTTING Large-flowered gladiolus that are excellently suited for cutting in modern, trendy single varieties. O100-120 751707 Albandeira Light yellow with red spot O100-120 751727 Anna Williams Cream white, purple-pink edge O100-120 751706 Anouk Purple with white lip O100-120 751714 Back Surprise Black-red O100-120 751701 Conca d Oro Orange with yellow centre O100-120 751625 Dynamite Purple with yellow throat O100-120 751709 Gerona Pink-red with whitish yellow centre O100-120 751631 Greenstar Green-yellow O100-120 756371 Limoncello Lemon yellow O100-120 751716 Lolita Pink with white throat

21 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous O100-120 751704 Mombasa Blackish purple O100-120 751624 Nikita Red with yellow centre O100-120 757621 Paloma Blanca White O100-120 751708 Shooter Light yellow, dusky pink towards the edge O100-120 751713 Snowy Frizzle White, wavy, frayed edge O100-120 751715 Pisa Orange O100-120 751470 Sogno Pink with light throat O100-120 751430 Sunshine Yellow with orange-red edge O100-120 751702 Triton Light blue with dark blue edge O100-120 751390 Vedetta Terracotta yellow O100-120 751623 Velvet Eyes Purple with crimson lip O100-120 753100 Blue Isle Dark blue with light throat O100-120 753800 Mascagni Red O100-120 753200 Morning Gold Lemon yellow 22 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING O100-120 754000 Peter Pears Red with light stripes O100-120 754300 Traderhorn Scarlet red, white stripe O100-120 754400 Wine and Roses Deep pink, wine red spots O100-120 756500 Ice Cream White with large, yellow spot O100-120 756700 Oskar Blood red, cream-coloured centre O100-120 756740 Plumtart Dark purple O100-120 757350 Tout a Toi Pinkish purple, wavy edge O100-120 751000 Applause Carmine red O100-120 751300 Deciso Pink with red spots O100-120 751500 Friendship Bright pink with white spot O80-100 758720 Bambino Mixture Mixture O100-120 758810 Camara mixture of 40 varieties Mixture O100-120 758820 Camara Ruffled Mixture Mixture O100-120 758800 Elite mixture of the best varieties Mixture

23 Dahlias Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous O100-120 758801 Special mixture of two-coloured varieties Mixture 24 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A8-10 E10 N O100-120 F P10/12 GLADIOLUS FOR CUTTING / DIRECT MARKETERS Various proven cut varieties in colours. 799063 Blue Mixture, blue 799062 Yellow Mixture, yellow 799061 Pink Mixture, pink 799060 Red Mixture, red 799064 White Mixture, white

25 LILIUM Lilies are among the most wellknown summer flowers, whether as cut or potted flowers or as bulbous plants in perennial beds or borders. They are found in Asia, Europe and North America. There are about 100 species and the assortment is huge. Today's common lily varieties are targeted crosses and leave almost no consumer wishes unfulfilled. The perennial organ is a bulb and consists of tile-like scales without skin. The bulb renews itself every year. Some species form new bulbs on fleshy rhizomes (migratory bulbs). In nature, contractile roots (anchoring roots) pull the bulb to the optimum depth in perennial sites. Some species, e.g. L. tigrinum, L. bulbiferum, etc., form so-called bulbils in the leaf axils. Many species are stem rooters and also form roots above the bulb on the shoots of the stem, which are mainly used for nutrition. The flowers can be trumpet-, cupped-, funnel- or turban-shaped; sometimes intensely fragrant or odourless, sometimes single flowering or double flowering. The location may be in full sun to semi-shade, but it should be well drained, as waterlogging is not tolerated. 26 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A5-8 E10 N D M P14/16 C POT LILIES ASIATIC HYBRIDS Short-growing Asiatic hybrids are preferably used as pot lilies and bedding plants. Their cultivation period is much shorter than that of cut lilies and their plant structure is compact. They are popular as a potted plant on balconies and terraces. O50 779642 Belem White O40 779600 Orange Pixie Orange O45 779502 Silla Light pink O35 782606 Rio de Janeiro Yellow O45 782604 Cavoli Red O50 779503 Sorocaba Bluish pink with white O60 785207 Garden Party Pink with white edge

27 Dahlias Lilies Gladiolus Miscellaneous A7-9 E10 N F M P14/16 C CUT LILIES ASIATIC HYBRIDS Asiatic hybrid lilies have the greatest importance and are intensively cultivated. Their numerous, cup-shaped flowers usually stand upright and sit on strong stems. This lily section includes varieties with growth heights between 40 and 120 cm and is therefore the ideal group for growing in pots or as cut flowers. O110 784751 Bright Diamond White O120 785001 Cogoleto Pink with dark, dotted centre O100 781490 Navona White O110 782801 Orange Ton Orange-red O120 783401 Pearl Loraine Red O100 782601 Pearl Melanie Golden yellow O120 783301 Pieton Yellow with brown centre O110 783501 Red County Light red O100 785255 Yellow County Yellow O110 779506 Pearl Stacey Orange 28 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING O100 781820 Red Velvet Red, dark spots O100 782503 Rosellas`s Dream Pink with yellow throat

29 Dahlias Lilies Gladiolus Miscellaneous E10 N F M P14/16 C CUT LILIES ASIATIC HYBRIDS FOR DIRECT MARKETERS Specially selected robust varieties for direct marketing and outdoor cutting. A6-9 O80 799035 Gelb Yellow A6-9 O80 799050 Orange Orange A6-9 O80 799011 Rosa Pink A6-9 O80 799042 Rot Red A6-9 O80 799028 Weiss White A7-9 O100 799080 Range A with 200 bulbs in 8 types/colours Mixture 30 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A7-9 E10 N O100 F M P14/16 CUT LILIES WITHOUT POLLEN In these Asiatic hybrid lilies, it has been possible to suppress pollen formation by systematic breeding. This has enormous advantages for allergy sufferers and also clothes and tablecloths are no longer soiled by pollen dust. 785901 Easy Dance Yellow with black centre 785903 Easy Samba Orange with brown centre 785900 Yellow Cocotte Yellow 779508 Easy Love Orange 779509 Easy Wisper Pink, yellow centre 785907 Easy Spot White, purple spots

31 Dahlias Lilies Gladiolus Miscellaneous A7-9 E10 N F M P14/16 C B CUT LILIES ORIENTAL HYBRIDS Oriental hybrids are the result of crosses of L. auratum x L. speciosum and others. They grow to a height of about 120 to 180 cm and have very large, cup-shaped, flat flowers with a pleasant to strong fragrance. Because of the large, heavy flowers, a sheltered location is advisable. These lilies are popular cut flowers. O80 785203 Gold Band White with yellow line in the middle and purple spots O80 781360 Muscadet White with pink O80 785200 Star Gazer Pink with white edge O90 779504 Curly Sue Pink with purple spots O100 785258 Brasilia White with pink edge O115 779507 Indus White 32 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A7-9 E10 N O120 F M P14/16 B CUT LILIES ORIENTAL HYBRIDS, DOUBLE The novel lilies of the Roselily series live up to their name in every respect. The luxuriantly double flowers are very similar to those of roses and the fine scent is unique. In addition, the flowers are pollen-free, which allergy sufferers appreciate very much and there are no more stains caused by pollen dust on clothes and tablecloths. The durability in the field and as cut flowers is phenomenal. 782515 Lotus Elegance Pink with wide, white edge 782516 Lotus Pure White 782517 Lotus Wonder Pink with white edge A7-9 E10 N F M P18/20 C CUT LILIES TIGRINUM HYBRIDS The lilies of this group have been cultivated in China for more than 1000 years. Characteristic are the dark spots on the petals, which gave them the name tiger lily. The 5-10 Turk's cap-shaped, single flowers are arranged nodding on strong stems. Ideal as a cut flower. O120 780500 lancifolium Splendens Orange-red, dark spots O100 779505 Yellow Bruse Yellow, brown spots

33 Dahlias Lilies Gladiolus Miscellaneous A7-9 E10 N O100 F M P14/16 C B CUT LILIES LONGIFLORUM HYBRIDS This hybrid is a crossing of Lilium longiflorum x Lilium formosanum. The large, white, long-tubed, funnel-shaped flowers sit on strong stems and exude a pleasant fragrance. Ideal as a cut flower. 785800 Snow Queen White A7-9 E10 N F M P18/20 C B CUT LILIES TRUMPET-SHAPED Trumpet lilies are very vigorous and long-lasting and are also known as Aurelian lilies. With a height of up to 180 cm they are quite tall and are a popular cut and garden flower. Distinctive are the large, elegant, trumpet-shaped flowers, which usually have a strong fragrance. O150 781400 African Queen Apricot O100 781100 Golden Splendour Yellow, purple O150 781800 regale White / light purple O150 781810 regale Album White 34 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING VARIOUS BULBS Dahlias, gladioli and lilies are the classics in the colourful range of summer flowering plants. On the following pages we introduce you to other species which can be used to make summer beds, balconies and terraces even more varied and lively. We have the perfect flower for every location...from lovers of shade to sun worshippers. Perennials such as Astilbe, Hosta and Liatris are particularly sustainable and they come back every year. Many summer-flowering plants provide bees and other insects with plenty of food via pollen and nectar.

35 Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous Dahlias A7-9 E3 H O90 D P1 AGAPANTHUS AFRICAN LILY A lily plant originally from South Africa, which is also known as lily of the Nile or love flower. It is an ideal container plant for a protected, sunny location. Keep well moist and fertilise regularly in the summer. It will keep for a long time as a cut flower. 773400 africanus Blue Blue 773500 africanus White White A4-9 E5 G O30 F D M P6/7 ANEMONE CROWN ANEMONE These anemones with parsley-like foliage are suitable for perennial beds and as cut flowers. Allow the tubers to swell in water for about 12 hours before planting in order to promote root development and sprouting. 774950 coronaria St. Brigid Double mixture A6-8 E10 J O60 M P4/+ ASTILBE FALSE GOAT’S BEARD This durable perennial prefers shady, moist locations in stone beds, perennial borders and in the shade of deciduous trees. False goat’s beards develop their downy soft flowers and delicate pinnate leaves best in high humidity. Cut back to ground level in the winter. 787200 Europa Pink 787180 Fanal Red 787220 Köln Dark pink 787240 Washington White 36 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A5-10 E3 J D P6/+ BEGONIA TUBEROUS BEGONIAS Tuberous begonias are essential summer flowers for semi-shady to shady locations. They flower tirelessly until frost if they are always supplied sufficiently and regularly with water and fertiliser. Upright begonias are often placed in the front of flower beds and planted in large, colour-coordinated groups. Pendula or hanging begonias are multi-stemmed, rich-flowering and strongly overhanging plants with pointed leaves and flowers; they are only suitable for boxes and hanging baskets. Pre-cultivation should take place in a warm house from mid-December; hardened plants can be planted outdoors starting in mid-May. O40 771400 Gelb Yellow O40 771600 Orange Orange O40 771300 Rosa Pink O40 771200 Rot Red O40 771500 Weiss White O25 770100 Dunkelrot Dark red O25 770600 Gelb Yellow O25 770400 Rosa Pink O25 770800 Weiss White

37 Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous Dahlias A6-10 E5 N P1 CANNA CANNA LILY Canna lilies are handsome, exotic, summer-flowering plants, whereby the actual ornamental value is not the flowers, but the striking green, brownish red or coloured leaves. They are impressive show plants in both containers and beds. Canna lilies require a sunny, wind-protected location in nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil, which should always be moist. Pre-cultivation should take place in a warm house and the plants can be brought outdoors starting in mid-May. O90 775420 indica Brillant Blood red, green leaves O80 D 775440 indica Cherry Red Red, green leaves O60 D 775441 indica Chinese Coral Pink, green leaves O45 D 775820 indica Crimson Beauty Pinkish red, dark leaves O90 775490 indica En Avant Yellow, red-dotted, green leaves O90 775500 indica Mrs. Oklahoma Salmon pink, green leaves O90 775530 indica Mr. Crozy Yellow with orange spot, green leaves O60 D 775850 indica Primrose Yellow Light yellow, green leaves O50 D 775470 indica Puck Cream-coloured, green leaves O90 775720 indica Red King Humbert Orange-red, dark leaves 38 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING O90 775550 indica Richard Wallace Canary yellow, green leaves O90 775750 indica Triomphe Carmine red, dark leaves O90 775910 indica Tropicanna Orange, striped leaves

39 Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous Dahlias A7-10 E7 N F D C CROCOSMIA MONTBRETIA Crocosmia, better known as Montbretia, is a freesia-like corm whose funnel-shaped flowers bloom gradually. Throughout the summer and into the autumn months, its long-flowering inflorescences bloom. It is used as a cut flower and for perennial beds. Montbretia requires a sunny location and moist, nutritious soil. Stagnant moisture, especially in the winter, is not tolerated. In mild climates and wine-growing areas, the corms may remain in the soil if sufficient winter protection is provided. O55 P6/+ 777200 crocosmiiflora Carmin Brilliant Carmine red O55 P6/+ 777170 crocosmiiflora Emily McKenzie Orange with red spots, large-flowered O55 P8/10 777150 crocosmiiflora Fantasie Red-orange O55 P8/10 777400 crocosmiiflora George Davison Yellow O90 P8/10 777120 crocosmiiflora Lucifer Tomato red, large-flowered O55 P6/+ 777300 crocosmiiflora Meteore Yellow with orange-red O90 P8/10 777320 crocosmiiflora Mistral Orange O55 P6/+ 777250 crocosmiiflora Red King Red with orange-yellow centre O45 P6/+ 777100 crocosmiiflora small-flowered mix Small-flowered mixture O55 P8/10 777000 crocosmiiflora large-flowered mix Large-flowered mixture 40 FOR THE JOY OF GARDENING A7-8 E5 N O30 F D P5/6 B OUTDOOR FREESIAS This is a colourful garden freesia mixture for summer flower beds and cutting. The 8-10 funnel-shaped, single flowers are arranged on the top portion of the stem. Freesias are especially known for their distinctive fragrance. 776000 Outdoor Mixture Mixture A7-9 E10 J D M P1 HOSTA PLANTAIN LILY Plantain lilies are undemanding ornamental perennials and their true ornamental value lies in their attractive leaves rather than in their usually purple or white flowers. They grow best in partial shade in a moist, nutrient-rich location. O40 789000 Gold Standard Light green leaves with dark green edge O50 789080 Hyacinthina Green, strong flowers O80 789100 Elegans Large, round, blue, curled leaves O80 789160 Albomarginata Green with white, wavy edge O80 789140 Honey Bells Longish, light green leaves, fragrant, purple blossoms

41 Gladiolus Lilies Miscellaneous Dahlias A7-10 E8 N O70 D M P10/12 C LIATRIS BUTTON SNAKEWORT Button snakewort is a long-lasting perennial for sunny to semi-shady, humus-rich and well-drained locations. The bulbshaped inflorescences bloom from top to bottom and are nectar donors for butterflies, bees and bumblebees. This plant is also durable as a cut flower. 776900 Blau Blue 776950 Weiss White A7-8 E8 N O40 F D M P5/+ ORNITHOGALUM STAR OF BETHLEHEM Orinthogalum is also known as the Star of Bethlehem. It is a real cut flower surprise because the flowers bloom in the vase until the last single flower and lasts 2-3 weeks. The flowers have a delicate scent. This plant requires a sunny, warm location with plenty of water during the growth phase. 777850 Mount Fuji White, large flowers A8-9 E10 N O80 F D P6/8 B ABYSSINIAN GLADIOLUS Gladiolus callianthus, also known as Abyssinian gladiolus and fragrant gladiolus, is a dainty summer flower for cutting and for perennial beds. Each stem produces 5-6 individual flowers, which gradually bloom and are fragrant. 773200 callianthus Murielae White A7-9 E5 N O35 F D M P7/8 RANUNCULUS PERSIAN BUTTERCUP Persian buttercups have pompon-like, almost spherical flowers and they are part of the Ranunculaceae family. Allow the claw-like root tubers to swell in water for 3-5 hours before planting in order to promote root development and sprouting. 778500 French Mixture Mixture

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SYMBOLS A Flowering period E Planting depth H Sunny location G Partially shaded location L Shady location O Growth height F Cut flower D For containers and flower boxes M For naturalising P Bulb size C Insect-friendly B Fragrant