Kiepenkerl My Garden Advisor Spring Summer Cherry tomato 'Delicacy', F1 NEW The fruits are crisp and refreshingly fruity sweet. The 'Delicacy' is a vigorous and re- sistant plant. Sowing: pre-culture from February to April, over 2 m, July–end of September. Seeds 1 portion Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' NEW This vigorous breed brings true joy, because it branches off vigorously and yields lots of juicy, round and bright red fruits with aromatic taste. With its overhanging bushy stature it fits 1 2 perfectly into larger hanging baskets, in raised beds, vessels and balcony boxes. Sowing: March, , July–October. Seeds 1 portion Pepper 'Bendigo' NEW An early and fruitful vegetable pepper, which ripes from green to red. It is large-flowered, thick-fleshed and has a spicy aroma. Sowing: February–April, August–October. Seeds 1 portion Pepper 'Habanero orange' NEW Habaneros are particularly spicy and are only used in small quantities fresh or dried for the seasoning of dishes. The interestingly shaped small fruits ripen intensive yellow orange un- til harvest time. Sowing: mid-February–end of March, August–end of October. Seeds 1 portion 3 4 Cherry tomato 'Delicacy', F1 1 Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' 2 Pepper 'Bendigo' 3 New arrivals - Seeds Garden Advisor My Spring/Summer 2017 GB Pepper 'Habanero orange' 4